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ENDURON dewatering screens

Formerly branded as Linatex screening equipment, Enduron® dewatering screens have been designed with an innovative curved, sieve-like feed section. This curved profile increases dewatering capacities over the standard 45 degree sloped back deck, using centrifugal force to aid in the dewatering process.

The main deck of the screen slopes upwards at 5 degrees and is fitted with slotted apertures. The end result is a series of screens that are engineered to provide:
*   Maximum water recovery
*   Increased load capacity
*   Lowest total cost of ownership

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Curved sieve feed section

Curved, sieve like feed section and the upward inclination of the main deck provides for increased dewatering capacity

Uses centrifugal force to assist with dewatering and adds a larger total screening area without increasing the size of the machine. This facilitates the potential use of smaller units, thereby reducing the overall investment cost in machines and structure

Offers higher production rates than conventional dewatering screens and lower overall moisture content allowing easier transport of dewatered material

Linatex screen media

Enduron® dewatering screens are fitted with Linatex highly abrasion resistant polyurethane modular screen panels, originating from years of product design expertise. These polyurethane panels can be made with a range of aperture sizes to suit each application. A vast majority of applications have proven to exceed 1 million tons without the need for replacement parts.    

Linatex® screen media is extremely easy to maintain, with the entire screen surface of a Enduron dewatering screen able to be changed by one person in less than one hour. Our Linatexscreen media is coupled with polyurethane U channel stringers. These polyurethane stringers have proven to eliminate fine wet abrasion problems that are frequently associated with conventional steel stringers. They provide long life and are easy to maintain.

Easy maintenance

Maintenance on the Enduron® dewatering screen range is designed to be extremely easy, saving downtime and reducing production loss thereby reducing total operating costs

Key maintenance features include: Quick alteration of the screen deck inclination angle allowing fine tuning of the product flow to maximise output and efficiency    

Easily adjustable discharge weir height to better control the discharge moisture content    

The amplitude of the machine can be readily modified to optimise performance

Long service design

The fabricated main exciter bridge, the vital component in the transmission of the vibration from vibrating motor to screen, is stress relieved. The surfaces mating with the screen side plates and the motors are machined to exacting tolerances to provide a precise fit for long trouble free life. 

The side plates of the machine are fitted with easily replaceable (bolt in) Linatex Premium Rubber wear liners, affording protection to the structure of the machine, delivering long service life. 

The Enduron dewatering screen frame is predominately of bolted construction. This is to avoid the stresses that can be created by welding.   

Both the linear motion low noise vibrating motors and the robust geared exciter have been designed specifically to ensure long life with minimum maintenance requirements. 

Epoxy adhesive is used between all mating surfaces of the screen frame eliminating corrosion and uniformly distributing stresses in these areas. 

Moulded rubber buffers are used on all four support points to isolate live frame vibrating loads. These provide longer life and less maintenance than coil springs in wet applications. 

Linatex Screen Media utilises the Linatex SnapDeck Classic system design that can be customised to any specific application, and has proven to provide the lowest cost of ownership in the market today

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