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Vulco® AG mill liners

Vulco® wear resistant linings specializes in AG Mill applications.

Weir Minerals designers and engineers work to create Vulco® products that are continuously improving the state-of-the-art in mill lining systems.

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The emphasis on liner design to ensure efficient mill operation has grown, particularly as mills have increased in  size. The extent to which a liner effectively protects the mill, imparts energy and controls the mill charge, impacts on the total ownership costs for plant owners and operators. In general, the harder the material fed to a grinding mill, the greater economy achieved using rubber liners.

  • Versatile, economical, and efficient – Vulco® wear resistant rubber and metal cap mill liners provide.
  • Lower installed cost – Since rubber and metal cap mill liners weigh up to 80% less than steel alone, they are faster, easier and safer to install
  • Operating efficiency – Vulco rubber compounds, specially formulated for maximum tear resistance and resilience, increase wear life and reduce downtime. Liner profiles are custom engineered to fit specific geometry and operating conditions. Reducing the mass of lining systems commits greater charge weight to be utilized, increasing throughput
  • Reduced maintenance – The low profile T-track system eliminates the need for frequent inspections, repair, and bolt tightening. Rubber conforms to the mill’s internal surface creating a seal that prevents leakage and slurry erosion of the mill shell. Faster change outs and longer wear life with fewer maintenance interruptions mean greater mill availability and performance
  • Health and safety – Rubber liners significantly reduce the generated and transmitted sound level associated with grinding. The risk of strain injuries during installation is reduced because of the lighter weight of the liners. Converting to rubber linings from metal can reduce the number of components to be handled
  • Lower operating cost – Next to the ongoing cost of electrical power and grinding media, mill liners are the highest recurring expense for a mineral grinding operation. Compared to traditional metal liners, the benefits of rubber liners effectively reduce this expense

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