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High Pressure Grinding Rolls


ENDURON® HPGR grinding significantly enhances overall throughput. This results in the creation of a large proportion of finished product and the reduced Bond Work Index of the pressed material.

Screening Equipment - Dewater

dw Screening equipment

With improved efficiencies and increased capabilities, Enduron® dewatering screening equipment with Linatex screen media is a combination of proven media technology and innovative screen design.

Screening Equipme - Horizontal

horizontal screen machine, Enduron screen, Linatex screen

Enduron® horizontal linear motion screens coupled with Linatex screen media have met with tremendous success in the highly demanding and competitive mining industries throughout the world.

Screening Equipment - Banana

Banana screen. Enduron banana screen, Linatex banana screen

A major innovation in screening technology, the ‘Banana’ multi slope concept screening equipment is capable of achieving exceptional throughput per screening area.

Screening Equipment - Feeders

Enduron feeders

Designed to regulate the feed rate to a crusher by separating the materials for sizing, removing unwanted matter and passing the smaller materials to the crusher to maximize the crushing capacity.

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