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CAVEX® hydrocyclones feature a unique laminar spiral inlet geometry. CAVEX hydrocyclones are designed to deliver maximum efficiency, maximum capacity and longer wear life than conventional involute or tangential feed cyclone designs.

Component items


Weir Minerals Process dewatering provides a step change in tailings management and an alternative to conventional techniques such as thickener, filter or centrifuge equipment.

Hydrocyclone - Ancillary items


Items designed to improve efficiency and efficacy of your CAVEX hydrocyclones

Hydrocyclones - 2x Classifying

Double classification hydrocyclones

Double classification hydrocyclones improve two aspects of classification: by-pass of fines to the underflow and the misplacement of coarse particles in the overflow.

Hydrocyclones - Dense Media

Ceramic tiled CVX cyclone

Cavex® Dense Media cyclones feature sharper separation curves and better media recovery because of their a unique geometry designed to deliver maximum efficiency in your dense media application.

Hydrocyclones - Dewatering


CAVEX Dewatering hydrocyclones are designed to provide a much higher density of underflow discharge than is possible with conventional hydrocyclone design without loss in recovery efficiency.

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