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Weir Minerals Division pumps and valves are widely used in the removal of sulphur dioxide from the emissions of coal fired thermal power plants, and the long distance disposal of bottom and fly ash.

Unlike most other industries where our products are used in primary production, Weir Minerals products are most widely used in coal fired thermal power plants in the handling of the unwanted by-products of the electricity generated. The fine ash particles and sulphur dioxide given off during the combustion process as well as the residual ash remaining after combustion all have to be effectively collected, treated and disposed of in an environmentally safe and efficient manner. This is where the reliability and efficiency of Weir Minerals products come into their own. Our slurry pumps and slurry valves are widely chosen throughout the world for critical fly and bottom ash disposal and FGD recycle applications. This is undoubtedly due to the rugged toughness, efficiency, and reliability of our pumps and valves which has been bred from more than 60 years experience in the mining industry.

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