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Australia NSW - Artarmon | Warman, Multiflo, Geho, Cavex, Vulco, Isogate, Linatex, Floway Pumps

Weir Minerals Australia Ltd | 1 Marden Street, Artarmon NSW 2064
T +61 (0)2 9934 5100 F +61 (0)2 9934 5201

Weir Minerals Artarmon manufacturing facility is known to be the only fully integrated slurry pump facility in the world. This facility supports a diverse range of operations from research and development, through design to manufacturing including casting, rubber moulding, machining, fabrication and testing.

Artarmon office

Artarmon office is located on the North shore of Sydney. First built in 1969 this site was the International head office of Warman International Ltd

In September 1999 Warman was bought by the Weir group and is now the head office for Weir Minerals Australia and the Pump Technology Centre.



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